Job Guarantee - Cashback Program

Job Guarantee - Cashback Program

Board Infinity will place you in your Dream Job within 6 months of completing your program and submitting the projects or we will refund the course fee!!
  1. In order to be eligible for our Job Guarantee Cashback Program, it is mandatory to complete the program in the first attempt within 5 months (Data Science, Full Stack Development) and 3 months (Digital Marketing) from the commencement date.
  2. You must meet the criteria listed for placement eligibility 
  3. You must not engage in any malpractice or plagiarism during the course of the program. 
If we are unable to get you placed within 6 months from the program completion date, then we will refund your course fee (excluding 18% GST). The refund payment processing will take around 12-15 working days.
Please Note-
  1. The Job Guarantee - Cashback program is eligible for all learners who have enrolled and finished their following Learning Path programs successfully
    1. Learning Path in Data Science with certification-
    2. Learning Path in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Certification-
    3. Learning Path in Full Stack Development with Certification-
    4. Learning Path in Digital Marketing with Certification-
  2. For students pursuing UG/PG, under the Job Guarantee Program, we begin your recruitment process in accordance with the university policies. If you are still a full-time student and are not allowed to work but you have completed our requirements for the Job Guarantee Program, we defer your placements till you have graduated. Upon graduation, Board Infinity will reconnect and assure your placements. Under such a situation, your 6 month period will start after your successful UG/PG program completion. Meanwhile, as you pursue your UG/PG, we may provide you with internship opportunities after the successful completion of course assignments.
  3. Non Eligibility Criteria for the Cashback
    1. if you decline an offer from Board Infinity
    2. if you accept an offer during the placement period from other sources or get selected through another mechanism apart from BI 
    3. behaviour issues – not turning up for interviews, unprofessional behaviour with the recruiting companies or our placement team
    4. The interviews will be scheduled with the candidate's consent. It is mandatory for the candidate to complete the process requirements such as submitting mock assignments, appearing for aptitude tests etc. on time and attending scheduled interviews. You will not be eligible for the refund If you fail to attend 2 or more interview process
    5. if you are not interested in applying for jobs
    6. If the number of recruitment processes (tests/assignments, interview rounds, face to face, telephonic, virtual) provided from BI is 5 or more and the candidate is unable to get to an offer.
  4. These terms and conditions may be modified. The most recent changes or revisions will appear on the website.

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