Job Guarantee - Cashback Program

Job Guarantee - Cashback Program

Board Infinity will place you in your Dream Job within 6 months of successfully completing your program or we will refund the course fee!!
We are a career transition and upskilling platform. Our motive is to provide successful outcomes through our courses. Job Guarantee cashback feature is an assurance from our side to all learners for their successful outcome from the course. The fee we charge from learners is against the training, coaching and mentoring we provide through our courses, coaches and the platform. We are not a career consultancy or placement agency.

  1. Become a Full Stack Data Scientist (Propel & Lyft)-
  2. Become a Machine Learning Engineer (Lyft Only)-
  3. Become a Front End React Developer (Lyft Only)-
  4. Become a Java Backend Developer (Lyft Only)-
  5. Become a Performance Marketing Manager (Lyft Only)-
  6. Become a Java Full Stack Developer(Propel & Lyft)-
  7. Become a Full Stack Digital Marketing Manager (Propel & Lyft)-
  8. Become a Data Analyst (Lyft Only)-
  9. Become a Content Marketing Manager (Lyft Only)-
  10. Become a Backend Node JS Developer (Lyft Only)-
  11. Become a Software Development Engineer (Lyft Only)-

Impulse, Propel and Lyft are different service plans available for enrolling students. We offer Self-Paced course under Impulse, Live Online (Cohort) Classes under Propel and Live Online (1:1) classes under Impulse. More details regarding the same can be found here

In order to be eligible for the Job Guarantee Cashback, the learners must ensure that all the terms and conditions are followed respectively so as to avail of the services mentioned.
  1. It is mandatory to complete the program in the first attempt within the stipulated time period. The Learners who change the batch or take a revision batch will not be eligible for the cashback policy.
  2. The learner should be eligible for placement as per the criteria mentioned under placement eligibility
  3. The learner must not engage in any malpractice or plagiarism during the course of the entire program. If the learner is found to engage on any malpractice, cheating, plagiarism or any unethical practices either during the program or during the hiring process (internal or external) will not be eligible for the Cashback.
  4. The learner must complete their placement training successfully by clearing the assessments, project reviews and mock interviews. 
  5. The learner should be an Indian resident and should be eligible to work in India as per the laws of the Indian Government to be part of this policy.
  6. The learner must not decline any offer after appearing for the placement process arranged through Board Infinity. This includes full-time, Pre-placement offer post internship or internship.
  7. If the learner accepts any offer from external sources or gets selected through another mechanism apart from Board Infinity will not be eligible for the cashback.
  8. We expect the learners to have proper conduct and professional behavior during the entire program journey. Any learner if found engaging in unprofessional behavior or misconduct with the recruiting companies or our Operations and placement team will not be eligible for the cashback. 
  9. The interviews will be scheduled with the learner’s consent. It is mandatory for the candidate to complete the process requirements such as submitting assignments, appearing for aptitude tests etc. on time and attending scheduled interviews. The learner will not be eligible for the refund if he/she fails to attend 2 or more interview processes.
  10. The learners who did not complete the program in the first attempt and opted for batch change or revision batch will not be eligible for the cashback. 
  11. The cashback policy is not applicable if the learner is not interested to apply for the jobs.
  12. If the learner is missing out on frequent communication and is not in touch with the Operations team for long is not eligible for the cashback.
  13. For the learners pursuing UG/PG during the course, we will commence the recruitment process in accordance with their UG/PG university policies. If the learner is a full-time student we will defer the placement training and connect till the learner has graduated. Upon graduation, Board Infinity will conduct the placement training and commence the placement connect post successful completion of the training. Under such a situation, the 6-month period will start after your Placement commencement date. Meanwhile, as you pursue your UG/PG, we may provide you with internship opportunities after the successful completion of course assignments.
  14. If the number of recruitment processes (tests/assignments, interview rounds, face-to-face, telephonic, virtual) provided from BI is 5 or more and the learner is unable to get to an offer.
  15. If the learner takes a program extension or deferral and does not complete the placement training will not be eligible for the cashback policy.
  16. It is the sole responsibility of the learner to clear all the job-related background checks, document submissions etc. If there is a discrepancy in any communication or document shared with Board Infinity and the Employer, the learner will not be eligible for cashback and further placement connect. e.g. In the event where there is a discrepancy between the communicated salary and the actual salary for working professionals.
  17. Before the commencement of the placement connect, we will collect reasonable preferences from learners like preferred location/ skills, and domain. If the learner does not apply to the agreed preferences then he/she will not be eligible for cash back. 
  18. These terms and conditions may be modified. The most recent changes or revisions will appear on the website.
If we are unable to get you placed within 6 months from the placement start date, then we will refund your course fee (excluding 18% GST). The refund payment processing will take around 12-15 working days.


Learner- Any individual who has registered and successfully completed the courses mentioned above.

Successful program completion- Program completion is considered when a learner has fulfilled the below criteria-

  1. Have attended all classes, course videos, and submitted the course work including assignments, projects and quizzes.
  2. Have cleared the placement eligibility (60% in all the modules and overall throughout the program in the first attempt).
  3. Have successfully completed the placement training including the placement tests, assessments, and mock interviews with positive feedback from the coach.
  4. The learner should adhere to the Board Infinity Learner Code of Conduct.

6-month post-placement connect commencement- 6 month period will commence from the date active placement commencement starts for the learners.

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