Placement Policy for Learning Paths

Placement Policy for Learning Paths

The Learning Paths that gets you Hired!
Classroom Training- Learners will go through classroom training (physical or virtual) in the beginning. They will be trained on various modules through Live Classes, Assessments, Handson projects etc.  At Learnture Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (Board Infinity) we track the learner's progress very closely during the entire training period through our  Progress Board. We track the progress by assessing their Engagement in the program (Attendance of the sessions (Live + Recorded), submissions) and performance in Quizzes, Exams, Assignments and Projects. The learners will are required to maintain a 60% score in the program and successfully complete the placement training to be eligible for placement training and career services.

The rationale behind having placement eligibility criteria- The learner needs to understand that a successful placement can not happen if they have not focused on their learning.  The current score taken into consideration for placement connects is a cut-off of 60%  in our program. Unless criteria are fulfilled it will be a futile effort to sit for interviews as we have seen multiple cases of back-to-back interview rejections without any offer for learners with less than 60% score. Those learners have had to go through revision classes to end up getting placed finally. This will take additional time and energy, hence we support all our learners to score this 60% in the first attempt itself and it is very much achievable. We even provide  3 attempts for all exams and we consider only the highest marks (out of 3) for evaluation purposes. Also, the learners not matching the 60% criteria may be given an extra chance (free of cost) to improve their scores and be eligible for the placement process.

Placement Training-  After the completion of all modules in the program, the shortlisted learners are connected with industry coaches for 1:1 coaching/ mentoring, placement Bootcamp and soft skills training.  The learners work with the coaches for filling their knowledge gaps and building their project portfolio (2 Capstone Projects), improve their resumes and prepare for interviews. We also arrange free-of-cost soft skills and Aptitude training for our shortlisted learners (if required). The learners are required to be regular and perform well in the placement training. The Placement training is offered for learners who have opted for career services through signing the Income Share Agreement (ISA) with us. The learners will have to successfully complete the placement training which includes successful completion of assignments and positive feedback from coaches during placement training to be eligible for the placements connect and job guarantee cashback policy.

Job Connect- We connect the learners with potential employers post their successful completion of the program. After completing the placement Bootcamp, personalized coaching and soft skill training, the learners are connected to a curated set of employers including startups, Mid Size Organizations and Fortune 500 companies. We will try to consider your employment preference e.g. industry, location, and salary package. However, it purely depends on the Industry expert's feedback and the learner's performance during the program and recruitment process. Learners found not abiding by the "Learner code of conduct" will be banned from placement services. 

As a policy, we aim to provide a minimum of 3 lakhs for freshers/any professional and a 15% salary hike for working professionals. However, market conditions might require an initial internship process for 3-6 months and then obtaining the final package (for freshers/learners currently not working/ for freshers who graduated and not having any job). In cases of working professionals, sometimes career switches at the same package could also happen.

Board Infinity team will be 100% transparent on market conditions and also about candidate fit to the employer JD during the process of placements. Learners should have the flexibility to choose the best options available during their graduation time and move forward in the process of building their career dreams.