Which of the career option is better full stack developer or data scientist.

Which of the career option is better full stack developer or data scientist.

Full-Stack developers and data scientists are both extremely promising career paths in terms of future prospects, demand as well as the lucrativeness of the opportunity. However, the road to becoming a full-stack developer is completely different from that of a data scientist; and largely depends on the interests & career aspiration of the prospective candidate.

Full-stack development is focussed on building scalable application which can be deployed on the web & mobile platforms. Therefore, individuals with passion & interest in designing applications, building database solutions, etc. should look forward to a rewarding career in full-stack development.

Data Science, on the other hand, is primarily rooted in problem-solving; and the necessary tools & techniques to find meaningful and actionable insights from the underlying transactional data accumulated by business operations. Hence, individuals with interest in statistics, algorithms, visualization should progress towards seeking a career in data science. Visit the career path section of Board Infinity to understand the intricate details on pursuing a career in either of the two paths.

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