What are the Guidelines for Progress Board?

What are the Guidelines for Progress Board?

We measure your progress comprehensively during the program. We consider various areas e.g. attendance, quiz/ exams, projects, assignments, hackathons etc. while calculating your Progress board score. 
Points to note
  1. Please make sure you are appearing for all exams and submitting assignments/ live projects in time. Failing to do so will result in marks deduction. For instance, missing exams (all 3 attempts) or assignment submission deadlines will result in -5% score.
  2. In case of unfair practices, unethical means or plagiarism, you will be penalized with -25% for exams & -15% for assignments.
  3. You will be given a maximum of 3 attempts/slots for each exam. You may choose to appear for all 3 attempts. We will consider the best of all these attempts.
  4. We encourage you to take part in all of the hackathons.
  5. You are required to complete the entire program as per the program guidelines which include-
    1. attending all classes
    2. Qualifying Exams
    3. submitting Assignments
    4. Soft skills and placement training
    5. participation in Hackathons 
    6. Completing your Capstone projects after completing all the modules
  6. You require a minimum of 60% passing marks per module and 60% passing marks in all modules 

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