What is the difference between Data Science,Data Analytics and Business Analytics?

What is the difference between Data Science,Data Analytics and Business Analytics?

Data Analytics, Business Analytics, and Data Science, though different connotations, has a rather thin line of demarcation between them. Data Analytics is primarily based on massaging & harmonizing the back-end unstructured data of the business, and make them usable and presentable to the business analysts (who in turn would derive insights from them). Key data-related tools & technologies such as RDBMS, Hadoop/Hive, SQL, etc. are a must for a successful career in data analytics.

Data science relates to the application of mathematical & statistical algorithms to the cleaned data provided by data analysts. These candidates are generally postgraduates in economics, statistics with a flair in data modelling.

Business Analytics requires maximum exposure to business (amongst these three roles) and is primarily responsible for providing a business touch to the technical/mathematical problems being solved by the data analyst or data scientists. An ideal candidate for business analytics should be an MBA-graduate with a stint in business.

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