Learner's Code of Conduct

Learner's Code of Conduct

By subscribing to the Courses offered by Board Infinity, Learners agree to abide by and follow the code of conduct as stated by Board Infinity from time to time which includes and is not limited to the following:

1. Learners must not engage in any kind of harassment or misbehaviour with a coach, expert and other learners, attendees and support staff at any point of time during the validity of the course.

2. Learners must not indulge in any kind of unfair activity such as cheating in assignments or exams. If learners are found guilty of practising any such activities they will be subjected to penalties as recommended by Board Infinity from time to time.

3. Learners must not be involved in the distribution of any reading material in any medium whether online or offline without Board Infinity‘s prior authorization.

4. Learners must not share or request any personal information such as phone number, email or residential address with the coach. If such information is shared Board Infinity will not be responsible or liable for any breach arising out of such information shared.

5. Learners must provide prompt responses to any communication made to them and shall every time show good behaviour towards the coaches or experts.

6. A learner is eligible for a free batch shift to a new batch, provided it is their first request. However, if the learner requests a second batch shift or subsequent shifts, a fee equal to 50% of the course fee will be charged for the batch change.

7. Providing feedback is mandatory after every session and learners are required to adhere to such conditions.

8. Placement services at Board Infinity are valid for a period of one year.

9. Learner undertakes and agrees to contact the experts/ coaches through the Platform or any other medium approved by Board Infinity.

10. Learners should be active in attending exams, quizzes, and assignments conducted by Board Infinity in the given time slots.

Learners who either decline or fail to attend interviews, exams, or assignments will be prohibited from utilizing the placement services. This policy is in place to maintain and protect the company's relationship with our affiliated hiring companies, which can be adversely affected by such behaviours.

12. All learners should be well aware and are expected to abide by the BoardInfinity Policies.
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