How much weightage for Quiz, Project & Exam?

How much weightage for Quiz, Project & Exam?

Each component holds the following weightage-
Quiz = 20%
Project = 40%
Exam = 40%

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    • What if I am unable to give Quiz/Exam in the specified time slot?

      As per Boardinfinity guidelines, it is mandatory to attend quizzes and exams in a particular time slot only. For instance, missing exams (all 3 attempts) or assignment submission deadlines will result in a minus 5% score.
    • Where to find the detailed analysis of the Quiz?

      Once you have attempted the quiz you can find the "View Report" option in the place of the "Start Quiz" button. On click, you will be taken into the detailed analysis page.
    • What is the last date to attempt a quiz once it's open?

      The quiz stays live for 24 hours. Once a quiz is open you have to attempt it within the next 24 hours, otherwise, it will expire and no marks will be awarded for the same. You can attempt the quiz anytime within the 24-hour timeframe.
    • When will the exam be re-conducted?

      You will be informed about your Exam, Assignments, Coach, Sessions, Projects and Hackathon on Slack. if you have any more doubts, you can also raise a ticket.  Happy Learning :)
    • How many times can I appear for Exam?

      For an Exam, you have 3 attempts which are held on 3 different timeslots on 3 different days. You may choose to appear for all 3 attempts. We will consider the best of all these attempts.