How many capstone projects will be there?

How many capstone projects will be there?

Capstone projects will be allocated once learners will start the placement preparation session and no. of capstone projects allocated vary from learner to learner. It will be decided during your placement preparation. In every course, min 2 capstone projects were allocated.
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    • What is a Capstone Project?

      Capstone Project is the final major project which learners develop during their placement training. It is a part of placement training sessions. The career coach assigns you this project based on career field learner chooses.
    • I am not able to upload my Assignment/Project?

      Make sure the project file is in a proper format. 
    • What are live projects? When do I get to do it?

      Live Projects are live internship opportunities shared by the placement team after you complete your placement training. These opportunities give you a chance to interact with industry professionals and test your skills practically.
    • Are tasks mandatory to attend?

      Tasks are for your practice only. We recommend attempting tasks with the same level of dedication like that of Quiz, Exam & Project in order to enhance your learning.
    • How to use Replit

      In the Assignments you have to open the Replit link and start solving the assignment. Post completion of assignment you have to use Version Control using git and push your assignment in git repo.  After pushing your assignment in Github you have to ...