How does the Refer & Earn program work?

How does the Refer & Earn program work?

We’ve designed a very simple sharing mechanism to Refer and Earn. Just follow these simple steps- 
  1. Go to the Refer & Earn page on our website
  2. Join the Refer & Earn program
  3. Unlock your referral code
  4. Start sharing with all your friends via email, direct link or social media!
  5. Your friends will use your referral code at the time of checkout to buy the course/ program and unlock exciting discounts for themselves. 
As soon as they complete the purchase the respective Infinity Coins will be credited to your account. You can start redeeming these Infinity Coins directly into your Bank Account, UPI, Paytm Wallet, an Amazon Gift Card or Flipkart Gift Card.

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    • What is Board Infinity’s Refer & Earn program?

      Board Infinity’s Refer & Earn Program is an exciting opportunity that lets you earn if you refer your friends to Board Infinity. So, when anyone purchases a course using your referral code they get an exciting discount while you earn Infinity Coins ...
    • Is there a limit to how many people I can refer to Board Infinity?

      No, there is no limit to the number of people that you can refer to Board Infinity. We're always happy to help more people accelerate their career growth!
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    • Can I transfer my Infinity Coins to someone else?

      No, Infinity Coins can’t be transferred to someone else. But it is possible to send them your referral code or link so that they can get a discount on their purchase.
    • When do Infinity Coins get credited to my account?

      Your Infinity Coins will get credited when your friend has signed up on Board Infinity and makes a successful transaction for their desired course or session. In case they have purchased using your referral code and only paid the registration fees, ...