How can I join my session?

How can I join my session?

Sessions are only open on the specified date and time. When a Session is active, it will appear at the top of the component page. You may click on view to go to that page, where you will see the Join button, which when clicked will take you to your live class. You can speak to your program manager about any issues you are having joining the session. Additionally, you can raise a ticket if any queries.

For any other concerns, you may raise another ticket at :                                                                                

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    • What happens if I ever miss a Live Session?

      You will be provided with the Session Recording which will be available after a few hours once the Live Session has concluded. You will have lifetime access to the session recordings. 
    • How many days a week I will have live sessions?

      Your live sessions are arranged only on weekends if you are part of a group batch.
    • Where is my session recording?

      Once the Live Session is over the session recording will be available within a maximum of 6 hours.
    • How does attendance get marked?

      When a learner participates in a session, their attendance will be recorded automatically. You are advised to routinely attend the sessions in order to gain a thorough understanding of the course and to have your questions answered. Additionally, you ...
    • How to download the notes and pdf of the sessions?

      After every session, you would be provided with reading materials. - There would be a DOWNLOAD RESOURCES link just below your recorded session, Click there and get your reading material downloaded.